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Perhaps it’s just me.  After all, I am 6′ 5″ – a tall lad.  Although I have not checked the statistics, I have been around long enough to  reasonably assume that the population is taller than it was a few decades ago.

So why are sofas and chairs now designed so low. making it more difficult to arise from the seated position, not to mention the cramped seating position – especially for those folks  of a certain vintage and length?  One case in point is the so-called stressless chair which is very high-priced but of low seating altitude.  They don’t offer much relief to this fellow.

Perhaps the banking crisis has something to do with it, forcing furniture makers to shorten the legs of their products because of the need to reduce costs as well as their inability to get loans from their distracted bankers to finance an inventory of higher chairs and sofas..

Perhaps it’s a plot to force us tall people to stand, or sit on the floor.

Perhaps furniture designers and manufacturers are  not long limbed.

Another of life’s annoying but trivial questions.

In the meantime, put that fat  cushion on the sofa so I will be able to eject with greater ease and less strain! .