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First, I have impetuously taken up the WordPress offer of a new domain. As I understand things, the name of this site is now in the process of being changed to which is quite nice, I think.   The techies tell me that there may be some ‘instability’ in the site during the setting-up period.   I hope the impact will be unnoticeable to those few who happen by.    Please let me know if you have problems retrieving stuff.    You can email me at 

Second, I have added an embellishment, courtesy of WordPress.  If you scroll to the end of this block of entries, you will find a monthly link to older material.    No list of contents as yet but perhaps it will help a wee bit in looking back.  I also have in mind grouping the MACCORMICKS material in one bloc for ease of reading. 

Let me know if you have any ideas about improving the site.   You can do so in the Comments section below or by emailing me. 


When is a blog not a blog?  Well, when it’s like mine- really a memoir.  But who cares.  To me a blog is simply a madeup name for what used to be labeled a column, a diary, a letter.  Early internet gurus were lucky.  They got to give names to things, many of which were not new but simply different versions of the same thing.  ( Until I checked, I thought ‘cursor’ was a new word, but no – it was used in slide rules.  But, as usual, I digress.)

So when is a blog not a blog?