If you are old fashioned enough to send Christmas cards and want to save money on stamps….well, in the UK, yer too late for using surface mail  to reach your friends and relatives on time  in many countries around the world.  For example, Royal Mail tells us that  September 28 was the last date for sending cards to Australia at the cheapest rate for Christmas delivery.  

What do   you think they do with your stuff for almost three months?  Maybe they have figured out the ocean currents and drop crates of cards at the right spots to be carried to their destinations by Christmas.

Anyway, I will check the US Postal Service for their Christmas deadlines.  But I suspect that postal services around the world agree on such matters.

To be completely fair however, keep in mind that for Australia, you have until December 10 to use airmail for  timely delivery.  So they give you lots of time to save up for that extra cost!

Yes, my Australian and other correspondents around the world, I will send most of you a card this year.  My piggy bank is gradually filling up.
























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