Hello,fellow  MacCormicks and other readers.

As you must know by now, this web site is run under the WordPress system.  As a writer, I can say that the system works very well.

I thought that you might want to know how your visits to my site are recorded and reported to me.

First, anonymity is paramount.  Your name and other personal information is never revealed to me automatically  — only

-when you FOLLOW my site

– when you LIKE my entry.

– when you COMMENT on my articles, ask a question, etc

The information made available otherwise to me is restricted to:

  1.  the country you are are inter-netting from.
  2. the articles visited.
  3. search terms used and search engines.
  4.  how many visits and views were made each day from each country,

Not surprisingly, visits from UK readers are in the majority, followed by those in the USA and Australia.   Intriguing visitors pop up now and again from, say, Portugal and Russia.

But again I have no idea  who they are unless readers COMMENT, LIKE or FOLLOW.

And to my puzzlement, only a few readers have chosen to  add a comment or otherwise display interest.   One could surmise that my entries are perfect in every way and raise no question.  One could also surmise that a visitor reads my stuff once, and never returns, being completely bored or appalled by the content.

On the other hand, in this age of complete transparency and lack of privacy on the Web, perhaps my visitors eagerly welcome the WordPress policy of first line concealment of personal information.

Of course you can email me direct at thus avoiding any public display.

Anyway, my visitors, whoever and wherever you are, I hope you keep coming back, and more important that you are better informed about THE MACCORMICK FAMILY by my scribblings.

Thank you.


  1. Thank you for your work but I have to admit that I have not been a scrupulous follower, so I doubt that I could usefully criticise your output! Although our half sister does know some of the family, regrettably my sister and I know poorly a few members of the family, despite grandfather Dugald being cared for by other members of the family, when he came back from Melbourne, Australia when I was very young. Our branch of the family has been geographically at the other end of the UK and there haven’t been many excuses to make the trip except for deaths and a reunion many years ago!
    Kind regards,

    1. Neil many thanks for your swift comment We met at that family gathering in Glasgow. And of course as a teenager I enjoyed your grandfather’s wit after his return to Scotland. En route to the Southampton boat train in 1949, this emigrant lad and his father enjoyed the warm hospitality of your father and his family at Dolphin Square – a memorable occasion for a young man on his first journey outside Scotland.
      Best wishes. Neil

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