As this is MY blog, I feel only  a wee bit  guilty  in using it as a to-do list .           So here are my top items……   

    1.  I plan to get my musical opus,” Cornell Sketches,”  scored for performance on the Cornell University   carillon.

                                                                                                                                                                                    The saga of my Cornell Sketches endeavour can be found here. 

From  the back insert of the CD version.

CORNELL SKETCHES is my modest tribute to a place dear to me. I came to Cornell University in 1954 from service in the U.S. Army in Japan. I had never before been to Ithaca. As a young Scottish immigrant, I felt completely at home with Cayuga Lake and its surrounding hills
I continued my amateur music experiences by joining the Glee Club. I was fortunate to enjoy what were to be the last few years of a long era at Cornell of a crowd-pleasing, heartily performed ‘lower-brow-than-now’ repertoire for men’s voices.
In time, I discovered the North Room in Willard Straight Hall. It was a largish space (plenty of resonance) with a wonderful view of the sweep north of Cayuga. Best of all, it held a Steinway grand, always in tune and always (for me) sympathetically placed by the windows. It was paradise. There I could continue my experiments with sounds, chords and ideas without interruption or need to please others. I cannot trace the Sketches to these happy hours. But, as mysteriously formed as music is, I like to think that the elements were born there.
1 A Walk Across the Beautiful Cornell Campus. 2. Cascadilla Creek Below the Home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H Williams, 390 Oak Avenue. 3. On the Steps of Goldwin Smith. 4. A Cornell Carol. 5. Out Tower Road Way. 6. A Bagpipe Tune to Accompany the Climb Up the Libe Slope. 7, An Alumni Hymn.
c. 1995

Track 3, “On the Steps of Goldwin Smith” recalls the gathering there of campus a-capella groups at Reunion. Lyrics are in preparation. Track 6 is in score in an arrangement for Great Highland Bagpipe named for my cousin, the late Professor Sir Donald Neil MacCormick, a Visiting Lecturer at the Cornell Law School. Track 7, “An Alumni Hymn” is in score with lyrics and was sung in Sage Chapel in 1998.
Note:The Sketches were composed and performed on a Korg 01Wf/d keyboard and are not mastered.
Neil MacCormick B.A. 1958, Arts and Sciences. 1974-76 Grad. Architecture, Art and Planning.

The Sketches came about in this way. While preparing for our 40th Class Reunion, my fellow class officers sought out ideas for projects to celebrate the occasion. I proposed that the Class commission a well known composer to write a Cornell Overture or something of that character. I thought it might be a first for a U.S university and could bring great and perpetual honor to the Class of 1958. The estimate of cost of $35,000  I obtained from the folks at the Boston Symphony in Tanglewood proved to be too high for my fellow offcers; that plus the feeling that the composer might not deliver a suitable piece led to the dropping of the idea.
Then a classmate, who knew of my fooling around with music, asked me if I could produce anything similar. Thus the seven part Cornell Sketches came about. Although the project did not rank high enough for funding in a Class vote, monies were found elsewhere for scoring of the taped pieces by a Music Department grad student. The goal was to eventually produce an orchestration of the work for the Cornell Wind Ensemble. But during discussions on the project with Steve Stuckey and Mark Scatterday, Music Department faculty, I made a politically incorrect remark about another Music Department faculty member. To my deep regret, as the result of my blunder, the project came to a sudden halt.

(As an aside, two years ago I corresponded with Charles Staadecker, Cornell Class of 1971, who had just commissioned a trombone concerto by Samuel Jones, dedicated to Cornell and depicting the life of a student at Cornell University.  It was premiered by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. So there is at least one piece of concert music related to Cornell. But Cornell Sketches is the only piece of concert music written about and named for an American university.)

2.  The second project  on my backlog list is also  musical in content.

I must write lyrics for music of my Country and Western waltz, “You Promised to Text Me” – not too many guffaws please.  Well, OK if you insist.    But just watch the Nashville news!

3.  And thirdly….after ransacking the online Cornell University Library catalogue, I ascertained that the collection was deficient in not including recordings made by the Cornell  Glee Club prior to 1958.  (I was President of that fine singing group in my senior year.)   My project is to contact fellow Gleeclubbets from earlier years to place such recordings, of which I have three, in the Library.





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