Well, it has been a medically active year thus far providing diversions far from blogging.  Since the redo of my hip implant in \March/April, the pesky new ironmongery has slipped its moorings (dislocated) twice.  Each event has required four sturdy Scottish Ambulance Service staff to fasten me to a atretcher, carry me down two flights of atairs. and transport me back to the hospital.  There, under  anesthesia. the device has been reinserted.  The second time (just a week after the first), my surgeon found, from xrays and exterior manipulation, that the head of the implant may be too small.  I have been given stricter instructions on banned movements (an 80 degree limit on torso/thigh relationship e.g.).  If it displocates again, then another operation will be  necessary  to replace the implant head. 

Woe is me! 

In the meantime, I continue my inability to leave the flat other than to visit the hospital.  This housebound experience might be the subject of another blog piece (groans from my small audience).  It is my immediate  goal to get downstairs and out on the public right of way on crutches or otherwise to enjoy a modicum of freedom under my own steam.  Stay tuned. 

UK readers may have asked themselves …”hmmm……is this Yank taking advantage of our free NHS facilities?”  

For the record, NHS has thus far billed me £56,000 for services rendered.  And my US insurance has paid for the first operation at £34,000 and has on its way a £22,000 payment for the second. 

[By the way (well perhaps not to put it so casually) the HMRC (the UKs IRS) has agreed with my observation that I have been in Britain long enough to incur UK tax obligations.  And so I am also engaged in dialogues with these folks regarding possible contributions to reduce the National Debt of the UK – in my own very modest way, of course.

I repeat, “Woe is me!”

Note that I hope to continue the MacCormick family history piece very soon. 








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