Well, I spent about three weeks hiding in hospital.

It was like this.  Almost a year ago, my cancer-weakened left femur fractured.  The surgeon decided that the optimal solution was to install a large metal plate, secured by screws, to hold the two pieces of femur together.  The hope was that the bones would knit, producing a reconstructed  bone to help support my body.   But the two pieces of bone refused to cooperate and remained, in medical terms, in a state of ‘non-union.’  This despite months of application of ultrasound through a device known as Exogen, which had a record of success in 86% of cases.  Then one day, after eleven months of being house-bound, the moment I dreaded came – my internal Meccano apparatus collapsed and I found myself once again transported to the hospital and placed again in the hands of a surgical team.  After further deliberation, it was decided that my old artificial hip should be torn out with the metal plate and screws.    This collection  of ironmongery was to be replaced with a longer hip implant secured to the reduced-in-size femur.

After three weeks of post-op recovery and being cut off from the internet, I am once again back in my sister’s apartment in Scotland, struggling for the second time in a year with the challenge of learning to move my body around on a walker frame.   It seems more difficult this time.  And I have been told that I am expected to master the use of crutches to enable me to move up and down the two flights of stairs outside the front door!    We’ll see.

Anyway, it is good to be back online!

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