Just had some fun setting up then dismantling a crazy kind of music studio.  Imagine me on a ‘perch stool’ set at an angle to the Yamaha electronic keyboard (my fractured femur does not allow me to sit straight), the laptop on an adjacent chair and the microphone nearby, my Audacity software in motion.

It is Saturday night in Gourock, Scotland , and being housebound by my fracture,, I feel even more empathy with that fine song, “Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week.”  Not because I am alone – my sister Morag is just down the hall.   But just because it is Saturday night, that kind  of special night of the week, at least in my experience.

So I reminisce at the keyboard with two ‘Old Standards.’.

Or as I like to say, I compose and decompose at the keyboard.

And as you will hear, a few wrong notes slip in.  Well I have yet to set up a portable mastering device!

Hope you are having a fine Saturday night, wherever you are.

And while you are listening, you can be wishing me well re.  my recent 83rd birthday.-ho-hum!

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