As you might deduce from the title of this blog site, I often create the lyrics for my own music.  But inspiration for the words is just as often in short supply in my head.

And so I decided to invite you lyric writers out there to listen to my tunes, the ones I think are begging for  sympathetic words.   If you f\eel inspired by the music, then put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and string the words together,

This is a trial run  So I have not yet figured out how such an endeavor  might work out.  But \a couple of parameters come to mind.

1.  I will designate the character of the music, and thus the content of the  lyrics.  The first piece , attached below, is to   me  indisputably a Christmas Carol.    So lyrics with that content are  invited.

2.  My music is all copyrighted at the Library of Congress.  You should protect your submissions  as you see fit.

3.  Most of  my work is unscored which  can be a problem.  Although I have no theoretical music training (i.e., I cannot read/write music), I have Finale software.  That should enable me to produce a lead sheet if that proves desirable.

I have other as yet unformed thoughts which I will bash into shape later.  In the meantime here is the first tune,

Please let me have your comments on the idea.

(c. 1995)

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