I hate to admit it: but once upon a time, back in the good old days, I was a Vice President of a major Wall Street bank (no big deal – VPs are still too numerous to keep tabs on) . The good old days, when the core business was taking in deposits and making loans with that money.. Nothing too fancy.   But we helped grease the machinery of the world economy. There’s no need for me here to go into the disastrous changes in the banking business since my days of, relative, innocence. This just to note an October 6 2014 article in
The New York Times:
– “Big Banks Face Another Round of U.S. Charges”. Main&contentCollection=Morning Agenda&action=Click&pgtype=Blogs&region=Body  To which I added the comment: 

“Transatlantic note. The UK government recently announced that it would like to create a new criminal offence for the attempted manipulation of Libor, and extend any new legislation to cover seven other major financial benchmarks.”

And so them there durned bankers might yet see the inside of the hoosegow!

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