The other day I managed to force my weary old bones to carry me up a local hill.  Not for the exercise (although I needed that) but for the magnificent view.  There are four paths to the summit and I chose mine by default.  When I reached the top, there were two gents sharing a bottle of something who left shortly after I arrived.  The only other climbers were a woman and a boy aged about eight I guessed.  As we exchanged comments on the splendor of the outlook, she told me that on the ascent,  her son was concerned about their ability to find the way down.  So he dropped berries along the path to  guide them back.  I congratulated him for his concern and  solution.  I  also began to mutter something about the possibility of birds eating the berries but did not want to spoil the moment.     I was in fact quite amazed at the young fellow’s cleverness.

After a bit, I asked her which path they came up and recalled that it was the steep path with many steps which I had passed by
 because it seemed too difficult.    But on the way back, gravity would do its thing.   So I said my goodbyes and set out downhill on this second route.    And as I walked along,  I suddenly saw the red berries dropped by the boy and shook my head in admiration.  I realized that I now benefitted from his endeavor.
Then I wondered, where did he get so many markers.  And as I turned around a bend, I had my answer:  a  tall rowan tree weighed down with bright red berries.  There were no more berries on the path after that point.  So I surmise that he was inspired by the sight of the beautiful tree and I thought even more highly of him.  

I suppose my strong reaction to  this small event is  my typical old person’s view that playstations and other like gadgets tend to take the young away from more natural  surroundings and simpler ideas and non-electronic creativity.  

I am happy to admit that, on even this small piece of evidence, I may be wrong!  










  1. I think he had read the fairy tale about dropping pieces of bread to guide you back. The sour rowan berries are better and brighter.

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