July 6. 2013
Item Number 3  INTRODUCING AUTOLYCUS I have  purloined this banner from the June 1950 (No. 26) edition of the annual magazine issued by my boyhood seat of middle  learning.   Woodside Senior Secondary School in Glasgow, Scotland was where I began and ended my high school instruction, graduating  in 1948 with the Scottish Higher Leaving  Certificate.  (I just now realized that the banner was the invention of my favourite teacher, James McGregor, as the initials reveal.)   The caption aptly describes my intended use of the banner, now and then, here and there, to identify bits and pieces I have come across over the years which might amuse, educate, surprise, depress, or not.   I will identify the sources when known.    It would be most helpful if I could  hear from readers who have knowledge of origins.

Autolycus 1.  “The standard soy [sauce] is ‘decent, rich and honest…like bankers used to be.'”  FT.COM/Magazine, June 8/9 2013.

Autolycus 2.  “‘Resolved that the sun is more important than the moon.’  The negative speaker won the debate by pointing out the obvious and indisputable fact that the sun shines in the  day when it is light anyway whereas the moon shines at night when it is really needed.”

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